SmartDry are leaders in damp removal in the UK. They required a full website rewrite and guidance on how best to showcase a considerable amount of information in easy-to-read sections.


Understanding the customers’ needs

After studying enquiries and customer testimonials, we were able to identify the two main buyer personas:

Homeowner Hugh

Developer Dave


We were then able to develop SmartDry’s tone of voice.


SmartDry is: Informative, professional and trustworthy

SmartDry is not: Irreverent, playful or trendy


Visitors to are mainly in the consideration stage of the customer journey. In order to nurture each lead, it’s important that customers can make their enquiry without having to look for a contact section or form. For this reason, we decided to move the contact form to the homepage beside the video.


Many visitors are trying to identify the type of damp problem they have in their home before even considering which solution they need to resolve the issue.

It was important to bring out the benefits of the products and position SmartDry as an innovative and established leader in their field.



Following the launch of the new website, there was a 30% drop in phone enquiries relating to the identification of damp problems. This had a positive effect on operations as the team is small and a high volume of phone calls distracts them from other tasks.


What the client said:

“Rich is a fantastic copywriter. He took the time to understand our needs and the specifics of our products. He has a genuine interest and his motivation is contagious. Thanks to his technical/design background he was able to convey our ideas sharply and with a certain elegance. The work was done on time and he was flexible enough to accommodate our own challenges in planning. We can certainly recommend working with Rich, the overall experience is double thumbs up.”

Ben Fenman
Project Manager, SmartDry





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