I worked in-house at WaytoStay for three years.

In that time, I wrote product descriptions for short stay apartment rentals, press releases, CRM emails and online display ads. I was also responsible for campaign planning, all transactional email copywriting, brand development, translation management and buzz monitoring.


What my manager said:

“With his excellent skills and content orientation, he always dealt with problems efficiently and satisfactorily. Hence, the work he delivered always met the highest expectations, which importantly helped us meet the stringent requirements of our clients.¬†His teamwork and cooperative attitude were much appreciated by all his team members. You will find Richard to be hard working, meticulous and adaptable, making a valuable addition to any team.

I recommend Richard without reservation.”

Erik Vermerght, former Operations Manager Europe, WaytoStay



Web Copy

The following text was written to highlight the benefits of renting a serviced apartment for business travellers. The page was a rework of a previous page that was considered to be too text heavy. Following a month of A/B testing of the two pages, this page resulted in higher conversion rates.


Display Copy

This flash banner was written for a last-minute campaign. It employs a clear call to action, encouraging the viewer to book now and enjoy a European city tomorrow. The window blind conveys the idea of waking up and looking out over a European city.

Frame 1

Frame 2

Email Copy